Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to delegate routine jobs, tasks you don’t have time to do and

even things you simply don’t want to do. Here at SDP Communications we specialize in giving your

business freedom: saving time, reducing stress, scaling your business, and helping you take back 

control of your long-term goals.  

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant

More Time

By delegating tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you will have more time to focus on achieving your professional and personal goals.

More Expertise

Add a Virtual Assitant to your team so you and your customers can benefit from increased skills and services.

More of What You Love
Delegate your tasks to spend more time on activities you love whether it’s executing on passion projects or making memories with friends and family.


 1.  Lower operational costs:

  • Reduce costs associated with the production of products and /or services.
  • Cut down overhead associated with equipment, payroll, human resources training, medical, office space and utilities.
  • Only pay for the work that needs to be done eliminating the costs associated with idle or non productive time. 

2.  Make more efficient use of time:

  • Give you the flexibility to delegate tasks according to skill and abilities; thus increasing the quality of the work while reducing the time spent on each task.
  • Give you the ability to focus more time on the business aspects in which you are highly skilled and enjoy.
  • Make time for the urgent, imperative matters that arise.
  • Give you time to focus on the overall business goals and set priorities accordingly.
  • Allow time for the little things that sometimes get left out or overlooked. 

3.  Keep up with technology:

  • Gain access to an industry professional that can implement the top trends and technology, and has a vast network of resources to capitalize on.
  • Give you the edge you need to stay competitive, and evolve.
  • Implement the right tools and resources for your business. 

4. Enhance productivity:

  • Implement tools and processes to operate more effectively.
  • Enable you to deliver better results in a shorter time frame.
  • Speed up the process of getting your products and/or services to the client.
  • Enable you to put into play the concepts and carry out the projects that are currently on your wish list.
  • Give you access to a larger range of highly skilled peopled. 

5. Convert your business into a hi-speed virtual office:

  • Give you the ability to work anywhere in the world while remaining accessible to your client base.
  • Facilitate the exchange and collaboration of information and documentation.
  • Enhance the efficiency and accessibility of the business information available to the client.
  • Automate processes and procedures.


Adobe Products, Asana, Aweber

Basecamp,  Buffer

Canva,  Contactually,  Constant Contact

DropBox, Dubsado


GoogleAdwords, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleApps

Google Hangouts, Google Calendar

Hootsuite, Hubspot

InDesign, Insightly

JotForm,  Leadpages

ManyChat, MailChimp, MS Office Suite

NationBuilder,  Publisher

Quickbooks - Desktop & Online

SalesForce - Intermediate Level

T-Sheets, Trello

Wave Accounting,  WeVideo,  WordPress

You Tube,  Zoom



No Hidden Fees, No Start Up Costs, No Long Term Contracts

Simple & Easy!

Simple pricing so you always know what you’ll pay.

Our flexible and convenient billing plan is designed to suit your needs; all without the overhead.  

Whether you are looking for project-based or ongoing support, SDP has you covered.  Our main goal is to establish long-running relationships with our clients. 

We know how important the bottom line is for you and your business. Flat rate per hour of $45 / hour for those needing occasional support. 

 A monthly prepaid plan saves your time and effort receiving weekly invoice and weekly bills payment. 

With just one monthly invoice, you are all set focusing on high priority tasks.

STARTER PLAN: Based on 8 hrs / mth  $199 + tax

Curious about working with Virtual  Assistants? We are proud to offer the Starter Plan,  a perfect way to test out our services with a very low monthly cost. 

STANDARD PLAN: Based on 20 hrs / mth $900 + tax

The standard plan is our most popular plan for entrepreneurs and small businesses. You’ll get 5 hours per week to use as you please – website updates, social media, lead generation, data entry, and more.

Professional Plan: Based on 30 hrs / mth $1400 + tax

The Professional Plan is  designed for growing businesses who have a constant flow of technical, creative, or administrative tasks. You’ll have access to 10 hours per week of our time to use as you please, at a price you’ll love!