In today’s economy it’s a good idea to keep your resume updated.  We will take your current 

resume and revamp and update it, giving it a professional and distinguished look.  We provide 

resume services for Students, Entry Level, Professionals and Executives.

Entry Level – College / University Graduate: Includes: Generic Cover Letter, Resume, Follow up Letter, OR a package designed for particular position

Professional 2 Years + Employment:  Includes: Cover Letter, Resume, Networking Letter, Follow up Letter OR a package designed for particular position

Executive Portfolio:  A packaged designed for that Corporate position your looking to gain.  Includes: Cover Letter, Resume, Biography, Company Research & Contacts, Networking Letter, Follow up Letter (extra for website portfolio.


We offer two services.

·         Do It Yourself Workbook
·         Professionally written resume

Our workbook is designed for students in grade 8 through 12 and for young adults with minimal work experience, our workbook provides an excellent source of examples and will help each student successfully produce a resume to gain employment.

Each student will be able to identify their: