SDP has joined with Stratela Finanical Solutions to bring you the support and expertise. 

As a business consultants (over 20 years of experience) we provide management consulting to 

help your organization improve performance and efficiency.   We will help you analyze your 

business and create solutions and help you meet your goals.  You can view each service below.


Helping business owners find and collaborate with the right Virtual Support that their growing business needs. 

                                          AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

SDP Communications provides services for repairs shops and dealerships.  What is unique about our service is that our team has 25 years experience in the automotive industry, we can help you from recruiting staff, human resources and we can step into a Service Advisor position.   


We provide the following services:
  •   Human Resource  Consulting & Materials
  •   Receptionist 
  •   Recruiting 
  •   Sales Support  
  •   Service Advisor
Fully experienced in Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK Global (formally ADP).  Lankar, Mitchels, Identifix


When you're setting up your business, you need to ensure that all of your bases are covered, we can help you along the way with all the government documentation, license to organzating insurance. 

Here Is How We Can Help:

  • Develop and execute health and safety plans in the workplace according to legal guidelines.
  • Prepare policies to establish a culture of health and safety.
  • Evaluate practices, procedures and facilities to assess risk and adherence to the law.
  • Conduct training and presentations for health and safety matters and accident prevention.
  • Monitor compliance to policies and laws by inspecting employees and operations.
  • Inspect equipment and machinery to observe possible unsafe conditions.
  • Investigate accidents or incidents to discover causes and handle worker’s compensation claims.
  • Recommend solutions to issues, improvement opportunities or new prevention measures.


We offer services for both job seekers and employers.  If you are looking for employment, we offer information and support and employers looking to hire we offer resources and information and support.

Job Seekers                  

 Looking for employment  or need help with your resume.  We can set up appointments for interviews and   teach you how to win that position you want.

Employers                                                                                                                                                              Looking to hire or discover  more resources and information.  We can build your advertisement and   post to various sites along with screen applicants and set appointments.  

                                                        HUMAN RESOURCES

We provide of comprehensive solutions that focus exclusively on human resources, we have the ability too design and implement customized solutions that are inline with your goals, allowing your organization to be more effective, efficient and profitable.

How we can help:

  • Recruiting and staffing;          
  • Documentation
  • Organizational departmental planning;
  • Performance management and improvement systems;
  • Organization development;
  • Employment and compliance with regulatory concerns regarding employees;
  • Employee onboarding, development, needs assessment, and training;
  • Policy development & documentation;
  • Employee relations; 
  • Company employee and community communication; 
  • Employee safety, welfare, wellness, and health;

We all know that things don't always go as planned and at times it is hard to ask for help nevertheless, 
asking is a great way to turn things around so you can secure a positive future for yourself and your 
employees.   SDP will create a turnaround plan that provides a thorough analysis of the issues your business faces and the opportunities you need to grasp for the future.   We will work with you, as an integral part of your team, to implement changes in all areas of operations, so that your business doesn’t just turnaround – it moves forward with success.

How we can help:

Business Planning   (rates will be quoted upon initial investigation)

A robust business plan and supporting financial projections are essential when shareholders require a financial and/or operating plan upon which to base a financial restructuring or when an underperforming business needs to transform its operational and/or financial performance.

A good business plan will contain a clear articulation of business strategy, a set of actions linked to implementation plans and a detailed set of financial projections. While business plans may meet management’s internal requirements they often, in our experience, require augmentation to meet the requirements of external diligence.

SDP specialists, including operational, tax and industry professionals, support our project teams to review and develop specific aspects of business plans. We provide an unbiased and objective view to support the articulation of business plan assumptions.

In challenging and developing business plans our team typically:

  • Assesses the validity of market and strategic assumptions
  • Evaluates the management team and structure
  • Reviews key systems, controls and processes
  • Provides financial modelling capability to support scenario analysis


(rates will be quoted upon initial investigation)

A truly successful restructuring solution often requires some form of operational change and performance improvement. We skilled in rapidly delivering tangible and sustainable benefits to improve a company’s underlying operations and to create enterprise value. Our expertise is centred on business reorganizations, if necessary site closures, profit enhancement (primarily through cost reduction opportunities) and the delivery of working capital initiatives to improve cash flow.  Our team works either alongside management to complement and leverage existing management capabilities or as an adviser working on behalf of company lenders or investors. Our team is senior and experienced and most of our team members have held leading positions in industry.

We provide restructuring services in the following key areas:

  •         Business reorganizations
  •         Business rationalization and cost reduction planning and implementation
  •         Establishment or enhancement of company finance functions and processes
  •         Implementation, co-ordination and communication of restructuring plans



(rates will be quoted upon initial investigation)

  • We put ourselves in the buyer’s shoes and look at what a buyer is concerned with:
  • A fair business valuation, which can be determined through several different accounting methods, such as comparable transactions or discounted cash flow.
  • Financing mechanisms to buy the business, such as share swaps or vendor financing.
  • Risk factors, which are elements of investigation that go into any investment.  Keep in mind that buyers are really investors.  These factors could include growth potential, industry conditions, liabilities, operational problems and so on.
  • Integration of the new owners into the existing business

Finding a buyer

  • Put out the word through their circle of acquaintances within the industry
  • Consult advisors such as accountants and lawyers, who often keep an eye out for businesses that are for sale.
  • Advise industry associations and business brokers

Building the business up for a potential buyer

  • Reviewing Finances
  • Speaking with business lawyer, accountant
  • Speaking with employees (let them know what is happening)
  • Get employee input
  • Physical inventory count (if needed)
  • Office equipment and software – up to date
  • Business equipment (service base businesses) review for safety and evaluation for sell’s memo
  • Preparing the owners for reality